Oct 16 2016

Yesterday I wrote a blog calling for a constitutional convention, and while I was happy to see so many responses, there was not a single positive one. I understand now why the idea incited so much rancor and even angst, but it was only out of just motives that I proposed it.

In fact, I had read somewhere that constitutional conventions were routinely called for, though as of 2016 no amendment has been proposed through this process. So it seemed to me that I was just calling for new constitutional amendments, not realizing the bigger implications of Article 5. Admittedly uniformed, I checked out more on the Article 5 constitutional convention method and I was surprised to say the least. I now wonder, given the ambiguity as to the legally binding scope of such a convention (if it would have “the power to propose anything it sees fit”), if it belongs in our constitution at all, and if it remains should it not be revised to be definitive in its propositions?

It was not my intention to rile up anyone’s ire, and I apologize if I did so. However, I would like to point out a couple of things. Firstly, the odds of a right wing ‘nut job’ free for all with a constitutional convention seems highly unlikely. However, it does appear that indeed the right has been attempting the convention route to get through with legislation, including using in particular the recessive ‘Citizens for Self-Governance’ (CSG) as a vehicle to pass unspecified amendments, though it seems clear that they mainly have to do with challenging the authority of the Supreme Court.

Regardless, I still am convinced today, as I was yesterday, of the need for far more legislation, as well as new amendments to the constitution, and in doing whatever needs to be done to achieve that. In our history as a liberal nation, liberal meaning that we are passionate for and believe in right to liberty, as well as life, and the pursuit of happiness, we have made progress but more often than not at great cost and suffering. Furthermore, we have pointedly not made progress of much significance since the 1960’s; we have gone the opposite direction- toward oligarchy, debt slavery and empire-building. The liberal edifice we have built is now like a house of cards, dependent almost solely on a Supreme Court whose decisions can be overturned at any time and an executive power whose moods and emotions are unpredictable and whose foreign policy has remained basically the same for fifteen years. There is a very real argument for the need of legislation. I’d like to know, and help in any way can, in how we can achieve our goals.

As I write this the specter of real dictatorship still shadows us. Trump is all but dead in the polls but he is still has a chance to become President. That should frighten every single American. And what Trump’s campaign must seer into our minds, into the darkest recesses of our imaginations, is the threat that came on to us via this desecration of a campaign for our highest office, and the struggles that lay ahead. We need plans, and we need calls to action. We need to get to work or our worse fears are guaranteed to come true.

I am going to present a list of amendments to the constitution and legislative acts that I would like to see. Some people will disagree with; my hope is that they might agree with others. I hope like-minded people will share their ideas on how we can keep our nation free, make it a better country to live in, and how we can start to heal the wounds of these last two decades.

Thank you.