The DC is a non-partisan political organization designed to create the means and mobilization for popular participatory democracy. The DC website aims to be a central database from which activists and citizens can easily get in one convenient place contact information such as telephone numbers, addresses, website url’s, and email addresses for officials and offices of governing officials, agencies, institutions, financial and corporate bodies, media groups, and bureaucratic bodies, from the local level all the way to the highest federal offices. Our purpose for organizing this information is to encourage citizens to participate in democracy frequently and vocally, invoking their right of the vote and the threat of boycotts and/or demonstrations to pressure our lawmakers, leaders, and business interests to serve and protect the communities that make their occupations possible. We have no qualms about voting out of office, local or national, any politician who does not recognize and act upon the demand that is his or her first and only duty- to protect the people.

The second goal of the Democracy Coalition is to create an issue-orientated political body that has a real force in government. We see the need for and seek single platform or ‘buffet-style’ politics in which the government and its servants are freed from the dictatorial policy of partisanship that has gridlocked our nation for nearly two decades. Corruption in government has brought paralysis to our land in terms of achieving any worthwhile projects either in infrastructure or policy, domestic or foreign, and has ground the American economy to the standstill. The result has been our suffering today as we witness the destruction of our Middle Class, the loss of upward mobility, the ever increasing concentration of the nation’s wealth in the hands of the few at the expense of the vast majority. In short, the United States as we perceive it is no longer the greatest nation on earth: it has become marginalized in nearly every aspect and has sunk to levels of growth and depression lower than many other major nations that it fully outperformed twenty years ago. Business and banking interests make sure that this dismal picture is not painted to the American people, but it is true. Nevertheless, we are not ‘economic nationalists’ and are tenacious resistors of nationalism. We are patriotic in that we love our families and we love our fellow Americans. We believe that an American that serves its own people and neighbors with dignity and honor will serve the world with dignity and honor as well. We believe that what is wholesome for you is also good for me, and we stand by the United Nations Charter’s description of the global village as one ‘human family.’ Our motto is simple and cliched: “Act locally, think globally.” We believe that is the secret to success toward our ever-present desire toward creating “a more perfect Union.” If there were ever a time to revitalize that goal through the deep cleansing of corruption clean from our offices of law and legislation, it is now. The time for our revolution has arrived.

To act upon our ideals and goals we have created the CRA to serve as a collection of local and national forums to advertise events, to call for speakers and volunteers, to organize peaceful demonstrations, lectures, forums, and rallies, and to discuss issues and petitions. We believe things change when people hit the streets and show their faces in large numbers. We believe that passive resistance is an effective tool, and we believe that history bears out this fact. But we also believe that boycotts and demonstrations are far more effective when they are well-planned and well-organized. We do not believe that we will change much through social media or the Internet. We see that Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook have fragmented us, weakened us- not as individuals but as a group force- and that we inevitably seek out those we already agree with instead of engaging in direct confrontation with those who are in a position to change things or step down. We sorely lack and desperately need new leaders during these times, and we believe it is in the town lodges, the community halls and civic centers, the V.A. halls, the college campuses, the churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples, and in the large central parks and county fairs that the seeds of organization and leadership for political revolution lay waiting. We in the CRA are energized and roady for mobilization. We do not want our computer rooms to become the vessels out of which we spew our harmless, self-cancelling propaganda.

Finally, we want this website to be a call for papers and ideas: blogs, strategies, goals, issues, recipes for action, methods of organization, ideas for pressuring legislators- anything related to politics, political revolution, and tactics is welcome. While we got our cue and inspiration from the Bernie Sanders sensation, and borrow the word ‘revolution’ from him and in the sense that he used it, we welcome participation in this coalition from anyone anywhere on the political spectrum. We welcome atheists as well as religious people. We welcome socialists as well as fiscal conservatives. We are a multiracial, multicultural force and welcome both citizens and non-citizens of this country alike. The rope that binds us is that we are issue orientated, and that is what we work on. I may agree with you on only one out of ten issues, and that makes us stronger if I will not talk to you at all because I disagree with you on the other nine (or the inverse!). Needless to say, we have strict ethical guidelines in the DC, and racism, sexism, nationalism, or bigotry in any form will never be tolerated within our organization. Welcome to the Democracy Coalition. Let us face these next years with excitement and hope and throw fear and dread into the garbage pail! Let’s change this country.