Dec 15 2016

I understand it sounds so simple, so clear, but Putin confirms it, Trump confirms, key people in the emerging nationalist right are confirming it: Russia and the U.S. are about to become allies. The U.S., should they have their way, is going to become a totalitarian state. Europe will be marginalized as markets, and China will be pressured inward.

This alliance in the age of nuclear weapons is extremely volatile and dangerous. Emerging now are central powers, which will be followed by secondary blocs, as in WWI. It is happening swiftly and with very feeble protest at best.

I fear for our species, which I cherish and love deeply. I fear less for the earth, for it is far more resilient than us. I hope I am wrong, and I pray for a miracle.

Post Script May, 2019 I wonder what news or events I heard that led me to write such a blunt conclusion. The article, being this brief, confirms that as my own editor I should not have published it. I only publish it now because I find it intriguing that I had such an impression then, and that I can’t help feeling that there is something in what I said here that is still present today. In any case, the dangers have not changed.