Dec 17, 2016

Marching is an extremely effective method of participatory democracy so long as it is organized and subject to a number of conditions. Marching is combat without guns, war without violence. Marching is meant to intimidate and send fear into the hearts of oppressors, corporations, and judges that keep in place the policies that subjugate us and terrify us in our struggle just to live a decent life. Historically, the effectiveness in changing hearts and minds, the consciousness of the people and the political climate are irrefutable proof of the effectiveness of marching and the faith and guardianship we display in our tactical campaigns for the people.

Marches must be well-organized and well-planned in advance. The goal of a march or occupation must be clear and understood fully by its participants. A march is not a riot- quite the opposite. In a good march, if we are unlucky, the police may riot upon us but we do not riot against them. The beginning and end of the march, the contingencies, the logistics, and the stated goal must all be made clear. Marches should always take place near the city’s most prominent, sensitive and public of places: capitol buildings, city halls, main streets, the gates of corporations, etc.

The march must be hyped and promoted well beforehand. A permit to march should be obtained if possible but its absence should never deter a march from going forward. Just before a march and only just before, every media station should be alerted repeatedly of the intention to march, and news of the march should be widely spread on social media as well. The march’s organizers should prepare media equipment of their own to post on the Internet both live and archived videos of the march. Amateur journalists should be chosen to narrate the march and report on the action as it is happening and finally on the outcome. Our journalists should refrain from editorializing and stick to truthful ethics of journalism, relying as much as possible on imagery to tell the story of the march. Like all stories, the march will have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Every march with a phone cam or other camera is encouraged to record as much as possible. A short speech should commence the beginning if possible, and a longer speech should conclude the end. The end of a march should occur at a prominent location, such as a governor’s mansion. No more will we allow our marches and protests to go on unnoticed by the people of this nation and of the world.

Protesters should present their demands by three main methods: signs, slogans, and speeches. And the latter should be good speeches, conducted with high-quality audio, succinct, and most of all logically irrefutable in its message. In addition to communicating clearly to the public why we are demonstrating and our demands to redress the conflict, we should also have a clear plan of follow up action: how we will sanction those who do not respond to our demands, be that a boycott, continued marches, strikes, or a vow to campaign against a candidate. We must always prepare for bad press by our own investigations and swift counter reporting. As individuals, we may regard some press agencies as bogus or as hostile and refuse to even talk to them.

We who protest and march are non-violent warriors and defenders of the people, and we are not afraid. We are not afraid of being arrested, beaten and pepper-sprayed, or even of being killed, though we take all measures possible to defend and preserve life. We are not afraid of being jailed or thrown into prison; we shall continue our fight wherever we are. We draw inspiration from the words of Nelson Mandela when he told us,  “Sometimes, it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation.” We will be heard and together we will bring about change. Not for ourselves or for power but out of the immense love in our hearts for the people, and the intensely spiritual love we hold in our hearts to give a better world to our children and then to their children. That is for whom we fight- for those who cannot defend themselves. We love nature and see that bison will stand their ground if provoked. So shall we stand if we are provoked.

As the retaliatory measures of the police and national guard have grown ever stronger against protesters, so too should we prepare for them whenever possible. While we never react to the assaults upon us with violence, there are things that we can be encouraged to do to defend ourselves: wear rubber vests to protect against rubber bullets or blows to the torso; carry light gas masks for tear gas and pepper spray; carry goggles for the same reason; carry cloth as a protective filter; use high-quality earplugs against acoustic weapons. While the above won’t eliminate the harsh effects of police brutality, they will lessen it. Finally, stand your ground- be dragged away if you must, but don’t pull back and don’t assault. Imagine as they drag you from the march that your feet are embedded in concrete and put all your weight there. Never forget that you are a fighter for the cause of freedom and there can be no higher cause than that. You are brave and you are strong. As one people we can’t be toppled and we are unstoppable. We will revolutionize this great nation of ours and clean out the corruption and kleptocracy; we will fulfill the constitution of our land, not rip it apart clause by clause as our politicians do now. We will repair our nation through hard work, generosity. and neighborly love- not by shuffling cash around like at some sordid casino. We know we are better.

March on!