Jan 15, 2017

Representation. Whatever the philosophical arguments there may have been between those revolutionaries who favored a government staffed through appointments or one based upon representation (no group to my knowledge advocated direct or popular voting which did not occur until the 1820s), the American Revolution in the late 18th Century was born of and remained tethered to as its driving cause the fact that Great Britain had denied representation to the Colonialists, and yet felt free to tax them at will for their own purposes and without transparency. “Taxation without Representation!” This was the grudge and the rallying cry of the first colonial revolutionaries who loaded their muskets and decided at that juncture to create a new storm in human history by embarking upon what would become inevitable: declaring independence. And then suffering to defend it; it was, due to the nature of the labor we cannot escape if we are to live and the ineffable quality of the gathering of intelligent and creative minds that produced in strength and spirit a cause, mighty and incorrigible against the colonial masters, was right and just. It is no wonder to me that such people under such conditions won their cause against the tyranny of Britain handily and speedily.

Two hundred years and some decades later, we find ourselves in the same place that the colonists were when they realized that they were living under the conditions of “Taxation without Representation.” Only now our enemy, our masters, do not live overseas; they have bought up all our Main Streets lock, stock and barrel and have put you and your children to work for slave wages, slave debt, and slave salaries, and that is for the lucky! The most pitiable among us have become homeless and worse. They have become alcoholics and drug addicts. They have gone to prisons where they are abused, forced into labor without wages, and punished routinely in conditions that are inhumane, unusual and cruel in their very design. Evil has crept into our nation and into the minds of our engineers and architects, and we must eradicate it from our land. And when we face this evil that sits now literally on our doorsteps, we cannot look away. Virtually the whole middle class is now heavily in debt. And to be in debt is to be a debt-slave, to be forced into the service of the masters who are our creditors. Those with mortgages have been tricked into seeing themselves and calling themselves ‘home owners.’ The banks have the power and rights over our homes! They consider their cars as their own. The banks have the right to repossess those cars at any time we stop paying off the interest and principle on those expensive loans. And so it is with nearly all areas of life. Almost everything we have is borrowed and therefore on borrowed time and on the gamble that we will be able to continue working in uncertain jobs and with uncertain health. If anyone was wondering when we would be led to the precipice, they will not wonder anymore; this is it. We are staring down the chasm and are only recourse is to turn around with our backs to the cliff’s edge, push shoulders together and move forward and fight. In fact, the grass is greener on the other side.

Many middle class Americans, or Americans who were middle class until they lost their jobs and their incomes and are now trapped under inescapable, never-ending debt- many of these people say or have said proudly that they pay taxes. Many (we’ll see for how long) maintain in strong, unwavering voices that America is a great country. Indeed, It is the greatest country in the world. There are people living in the United States in an unaltered fashion without seeing despite the good condition of their eyes that not only is America not the greatest country in the world, it is perhaps the worst country in the world. No country in this world is a greater bully, a more rapacious empire builder; none kills more people or pillages more national treasuries than the United States, none feeds the banks that impoverish the citizens of these countries. America treats its own citizens no better than some of the more oppressive countries of the world, and it treats them far worse than most of the progressive countries. And if you don’t pay your taxes, it will take everything you own and lock you up without a conscience. To many who fear the future but cannot admit the reality; this acknowledges that both the government and the financial institutions and corporations of the United States in tandem and in alliance increasingly oppress our people. To them seeing this reality, this vastly unjust set of circumstances for what they really are, would be an experience akin to having a SWAT team smash in the windows and kick in the doors of their suburban homes. The iconoclastic blast smashing away forever the myth of a great modern America would be that traumatic. But as each bitter year follows the next and our plight becomes evermore insufferable, that SWAT team smashing in your doors and seizing your home also becomes more and more of possibility, a likelihood. For many people this year it will be real. For many, it won’t be until they are unfairly thrown out of their homes, unfairly laid off from their jobs that they will finally see the reality of the crisis that we the people of the United States are in. It is only then that they will stop saying that their country is the best country in the world, that they will no longer puff up but rather will cast down when they say, “America.”

Do you feel represented? It is a critical question. Are these not critical times? I believe that we do have consensus on that, don’t we? Aren’t we sick of bombs, disgusted by what is being done to innocent people under our flag, haven’t we had enough of living day in and day out, not a single one passing with a thought in the back of our minds that our human world could go up in a mushroom cloud tomorrow, and that our nation would in large part have committed that nuclear destruction? Aren’t we sick and tired of not knowing what to do when we think of climate change and that our grandchildren or great-grandchildren probably won’t survive it? Aren’t we supposed to be doing something now about that? Why do we have to suffer through the cycles of fear and relief when the politicians say not to worry- they have scientists that tell us, with evidence, that everything is fine, that global warming is a myth. How do we reconcile the atrocities perpetrated by our military on other nations with the newscasters and media who tell us we have to do these things because those people are bad and that they are enemies. Everyone needs to think about this. When people are indignant and complain about their tax dollars and where their tax dollars are going, they show a lack of education. Because I’d wager that barely a penny if even that of every tax dollar you pay directly benefits you. Your tax dollars mainly go to pay off the interest of the private bank consortium known as the Federal Reserve to pay off a ‘national debt’ that our government deliberately created. Your tax dollars go into making the missiles and bombs that shatter homes and shamelessly kill the innocent, fostering ever rising hate against our nation and turning imaginary enemies into real ones with each explosion. Your tax dollars have gone into building so many prisons that not since NAZI Germany have we seen such an extensive and large incarceration system, and like that country one that targets minorities and those that society has largely deemed undesirable; an incarceration system threatening our nation once again with the blight of slavery. On the other hand, your tax dollars are moving away from public schools, they are moving away from health care, away from space exploration, away from social security and Medicare. There is nothing sadder and more confounding when one of us in this political climate complains pompously and indignantly about where his or her tax dollars are going. As a nation, we should be wholly ashamed of where our tax dollars go. Historically, these budgets and warmongering will be viewed as crimes against humanity. As human beings each with a heart and conscience we must link arms and refuse to pay these taxes, these taxes that only serve to make the rich richer, disenfranchise those who have worked hard and in good faith to earn and pay, and these black taxes that finance the injuries and deaths of our young people and in far greater numbers people whom we have never met and do not know, whose languages we do not speak, and who have done nothing to us. But we have demonized them and their cultures so that our people will accept the unacceptable. It is just like the slave master calling the slave lazy, the one who steals human beings and sells them and then calls them thieves, it is just like the ‘Indian giver.’ Our nation should be mourning under a cloud of shame but instead our people are tormented relentlessly by fear and propaganda, little better off than the victims of our foreign policy.

If you truly feel and see that your Representative (do we even know his or her name?) and Senators are acting on your behalf- in other words they are representing your interests- or that they are in good faith and in your judgment representing the people that did vote for them but whose views you may not agree with, then I should be labeled delusional and referred to the next available psychiatrist. But I think we all can see where our country is heading- the writing is on the wall, the symptoms were known long ago. In fact, we want out so bad we want to build a big wall. I don’t know if that’s to keep others out or to keep us in, to bide time for this Pax Americana to last another decade, to keep the New World Order from crumbling a little less. We have surely become a country not ‘for the people’ but one in spite of the people. Our government does not guarantee our service, but instead is hostile to us- it takes our land and exploits us. “Taxation without Representation.” This is the issue, because I know even one out of ten thousand of my fellow Americans would never have their taxes used in the way that are, and that very few of my fellow Americans feel that they are in any way adequately represented. It is time to face facts. There is one way out of this and it took a member of the United Senate to have the guts to become the first one to lay it out publicly: it is time for a political revolution. For you and for me, there are no more Democrats and Republicans, there is no ‘shining city upon a hill,’ Washington D.C. for all intents and purposes is no longer our nation’s capital inasmuch as it plays lackey and second fiddle to Wall Street. There are many castles in this kingdom, many ‘corridors of power’. By any means necessary, this ‘political revolution’ that Mr. Sanders heralded as the only way to national health and prestige must begin. It must begin now, while we have this window of opportunity and our discontent has reached its breaking point. When slavery is all you have to lose and you are already educated, I don’t see what is stopping us.