Revolution 2020 envisions a mission that expands democracy in brand new ways and includes all the people in decision-making in with unprecedented participation. We are pro ‘co-opting’ businesses, both large and small so that whatever an individual’s position in an organization is, he or she is directly invested in its success. We oppose outdated and oligarchical corporate capitalism, where individual shareholders reap unfair shares of an organization’s wealth without lifting a finger. We contend that the way of doing business now does not bring prosperity through competition; but rather it is unstable, cyclical, and that ‘speculation’ is a euphemism that the rich use when they mean gambling, or, outright stealing. We hold that corporate consumerism is turning good people into zombies, has created a culture of addiction, and is destroying our planet’s environment at breakneck speed.

It is the working lives of the middle class and the poor that are bought and sold daily by multi-national corporations and banks in their greed for ever-increasing wealth.  The higher the level in the corporate level, the less the amount of self-interest there is in proportion to greed. Unfortunately, there are those among us who admire such people and deem them clever. We do not. We believe we can achieve a far healthier and stable economy through the co-opting of business and creating an incontrovertible Constitutional Amendment, once and for all, that laborers have a fundamental right to organize.

We believe that corporate lobbying has been a relentless and hostile bid to buy off the government through large cash donations so that our representatives will work for laws that benefit big business profits at the expense of our representatives’ constituents (i.e. you and me). We believe that many members of our government have deceived us in regards to their relationships with big business lobbyists, and for decades now have gotten away with these arrangements unnoticed. The biggest victory for corporate lobbyists occurred with the Supreme Court 2010 ‘Citizens United’ ruling that corporations could be regarded as ‘people’ under the law. We aim to see that Citizens United is overthrown and amended out of history.

Our mission then is twofold: repeal Citizens United and pass an act through Congress that explicitly recognizes that only flesh and blood human beings are people, and at the same time we must introduce and pass legislation that prohibits politicians from taking donations from any entity other than private citizens. We can accomplish these goals, but only through the power of the vote. We must stand united and educate each other on the facts of how dysfunctional and corrupt our government has become. Candidates that are willing to make these reforms should be rewarded with our votes, while those who stubbornly refuse to end corporate donations should be voted out of office and find employment elsewhere.