Autumn, 2016

“The clouds are high and the emperor is far away.” Chinese Proverb

How does one fight an enemy he cannot see? Or as I heard it put recently, ‘how do we know the saboteur is not an American posing as Chinese posing as Russian posing as a hacker?’ Or as Trump said, ‘it (the hacker) could be someone sitting on a bed weighing 400 pounds.’ How enigmatic is that? Does the hacker weigh 400 pounds? Does the bed weigh 400 pounds? A bed that large could only refer to Trump’s own bed. Is Trump behind the hacker? I’ve no doubt that Trump believes himself to be ten feet tall and weighing 400 pounds.

Since winning the nomination, the only thing on my mind was to fight Trump, to stop him from ever getting elected president. The only way I believed that he would become president would be by a landslide. I believed that the GOP leaders surely were repulsed about him as their nominee. I did not believe that with all the things that he said and did, that he could ever stand a chance at becoming elected. In the back of my mind though there was the memory of Bush’s fiat win of the presidency by an undemocratic and unprecedented decision by the Supreme Court. But I did not want to remember that time; It seemed useless to factor that anomaly into this election. Now there are so many thoughts that seem useless and absurd, and as my spirit to confront them weakens each day, my resolve to live outside government, to cooperate and create new government in the comfort of neighborhoods and communities- to never surrender and to never waste an ounce of strength fighting windmills- these are the thoughts and intentions growing with me.

Donald Trump is president of a nation; a nation that I now decline to declare myself a citizen of but rather remain hostage to by the barrel of a gun, and it was by hook or by crook that he seized that position, or rather, perhaps, that it was seized for him; he’s the puppet. It is by hook or by crook that he is, or is making a big show of at any rate, of facing down the mighty and infamous CIA and all its associated intelligence organizations; or is he? Maybe it’s out of the corner of his eye that Brennan is winking at Putin and pretending division with Trump. It was by hook or by crook that Comey gave Clinton’s anemic campaign the coup de gras, but how we even know that she won, I suppose, the popular vote by three million puzzles me. She lost by winning; her sick campaign rode on the fervent hopes of half the nation that Trump would be defeated. But it got worse. It was like quicksand as ‘I hald my nose’ and vote; ‘like choosing between arsenic and cyanide;’ ‘the lesser evil;’ one grew sadder and more discouraged each day throughout a campaign that many were already beginning to sense and are certainly worried now may be the last time they’ll ever experience a ‘regular’ presidential election or ‘Super Tuesday’ ever again. Time will tell. Maybe Trump’s bellicosity and chest puffing at the CIA is simply to add legitimacy to the president who won by not winning. Sort of the way in which Hitler ran roughshod over the Wehrmacht simply by declaring himself boss. By hook or by crook the media brought back racism and hatred to this country, turned our land upside down and inside out, planted evil seeds and created a situation where the rich, if you live under their grudge, will tell us soon to eat weeds and perhaps flick a crumb or two our way just to keep us alive enough to keep producing and reproducing. It’s nothing new for them. The aristocracy of this country; indeed, of this world because there are no borders for billionaires; it is quite egalitarian, I assure you. They don’t care if you are black, brown, red or white. They only care that they can use you to become more powerful, like Supermen or Gods, and that they can use your body and mind, wear you down physically, burden you with terrible worries of the future, worries over your children (precious to you, commodities to them), make the simplest of things like getting an education or a getting an operation nearly impossible or debts that you’ll incur for life- they can make your life such a misery that it’s a wonder that ten times as many people as there are now don’t also end up suicide victims (that says something about the resilience of human beings). And this is done on purpose; yes, absolutely on purpose. Because the aristocracy, the leaders of this autocracy, the oligarchy, the fascist regime, and all their minions and collaborators, they want to use us for a price that is as close to as free as they can. In fact, they want you to pay them for allowing them to enslave you. They would want slaves, they always have, and education and medical care, well, these things cost money. They add to the cost of a corporation. Peasants used to give a portion or half of their grain to their lords. Now it is set up that we must still give these taxes. But we call them mortgages, rent, leases and loans. By hook or by crook the rich swindle us to their advantage. They are even willing to take us to World War Three if they see that it’s to their advantage. And they do it anonymously, like creeps in the shadows. So here is the challenge- name, for yourself, just so that you know what is going on- ten people in the top one percent. I mean the big people. The Hungry Ghosts so big that they float in the sky sucking up all our air and covering our planet. No one can. Trump’s the puppet. Clinton and Commey are the puppets. We’re the puppets if we allow ourselves to be.

Well, that is primer perhaps. Sure, it’s easy to find the big names on Wall Street. We all know by now that the run the Fed; that they’ve bought sold and took our government to the cleaners. But we don’t know how they’ve done it or if we do, how to stop them. The well runs deep. The decay is through and through. So how do we fight an enemy so deceptive?

But we can start by ignoring them. By refusing to do business with them. By refusing to buy their products, to use their ‘funny money,’ and by refusing to work for them or to work for anyone that also works for them.

If you can’t find your way out of a house of mirrors, and I believe that to be an apt analogy to most of our lives in this Dark Age, the best thing to do is to start smashing mirrors. It should only take several before you can see the way out. But wouldn’t you get arrested for that? No! Because the house of mirrors is in your mind. You were merely encouraged to build it, and you did so, willingly. You thought that it was you figuring out the world when really all the information that has come your way has been designed to confuse you. And to anger you- that is probably the most important thing. So you cannot be punished for sweeping aside the illusions in your head, any more than Dorothy or Alice faced retribution for their revolts and violence in their own fictional hells. If little girls with vulnerable exteriors but spirits of warriors can do it so can you.

But to fight, or more appropriately, to dissent, we have first to be outside. We have to see the walls of the castle and understand the futility of entering, the pointlessness of even trying to know ‘what’s going on’ in there. Well, let’s say you surreptitiously enter the castle and try to murder the king- what will happen to you? You’ll be arrested on sight and beheaded at dawn. If you’re fantastically lucky you’ll be sneaky enough to find the king alone and execute him as he begs for mercy. And then what if you are king? What would you do then? There is the analogy of one bad apple, but one good apple would never survive a day a barrel of one bad ones. There is no point in knowing the affairs of the castle or in trying to correct them. Because they cannot be corrected. Just look at the castle. It was obviously designed for evil! To be free is to pass the castle and never turn back and have no association with anything from it. So now, having got beyond the castle, we must keep our ear to the ground so that we are not trampled by government horses- the soldiers that obey the oligarchy, the fooled young men and perhaps women with weapons and cynical commanders who have been brainwashed into believing that it is immoral and treasonous to criticize the government or the flag, to refuse to pay the taxes that keep this nation a killing machine, to show ingratitude to the system that provides us with jobs and cars- to be un-American.

There is nothing rational in considering an argument. You are not upholding the constitution in their eyes, you are spitting on it. You are a traitor. That is the reality a dissident must face, perhaps. If you are somehow perceived as a threat, the king will send for you. If not you will be ignored- hopefully. Thomas Payne got his epoch-changing essay ‘Common Sense’ to Philadelphia in the nick of time. The history that followed it would not be the same without those tracks. In that essay Payne declared that there was no need for a king, nobility, nor any need for power to be given to their descendants. So how is it that now we live in a country that we cannot love? We cannot love it because this is not a republic ruled by representation; this is not a democracy. We are ruled over by the enemy who have seized our constitution and hold it hostage, speaking its words like the devil quotes scripture. We are ruled, once again, by king and queens. And we are ruled by their descendants. The great-grandchildren of the Rockefellers and the Rothschild’s. They are nobility. But it is nobility that we shed our blood and lives for so that we may have freedom and liberty.

I cannot make sense of the quagmire we find ourselves in. Bernie Sanders has promised a revolution; he has declared that he is a socialist. Whether he is a socialist or not, I do not know. I do know that he is a Democrat, and that until we the people see action otherwise, I can see no sense or reason in being a Democrat of associating at all with this government. The apple is rotten. We don’t want half a rotten apple, much less a wholly rotten one. Sanders espouses, I don’t know if he promises, political revolution. I say that it is going much too slow, that the window of opportunity is being squandered. Mr. Sanders, if you believe you can help us bring about political revolution, then let’s get like-minded people together and do it now. No more pussy footing. There are millions in this country that mean business when we speak of political revolution but they need leadership. I am beginning to think that looking to Washington, D.C. for help is like looking back at the castle. Washington, D.C. is swiftly becoming the ancient capital in my mind.