Today is November 22nd, 2016. In a matter of just a few frenetic and unprecedented months in American campaign history, the right wing of the United States has monopolized power in the White House and both legislative branches. Because of Republican refusal to approve President Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland for Supreme Court justice, the next Supreme Court justice is also almost guaranteed to be a right-winger, although the press will call him a conservative, an identification that has become all but meaningless in the political climate of Washington today.

While it will take tomes to record the manner in which this disaster was perpetrated upon our nation, how on both sides every dirty trick in the book was used and to what extremes of hatefulness and obscenity; that the saboteurs of American democracy composed a three ring touch tag wrestling match between Trump and the desperados that clung to him, Russia- including Putin himself, head of the FBI James Comey, the cynical and self-styled martyr Julian Assangue, a constant sticker parade of worthless Clinton emails, and even President Obama himself, who instead of acting decisively and boldly in order to inspire hope for millions of stunned and frightened Americans as they watched democracy disappear before their very eyes, wound out his term like feebly, with an uncharacteristic indifference, and practically mocked by a gloating Republican party. Intimidation is in the air and the Democrats, save Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, have been muzzled. But the worst and most irresponsible of the powers that be in this downfall of the United States are the media themselves. The egged on this relentless and vicious brawl like voyeurs on a rush; they displayed about as much dignity as the as mob bookies, while they turned the concept of investigative journalism into a total joke. When Donald Trump called the media scum he was not, in far too many cases, far from wrong. And as they say, it takes one to know one.

Every day now, whether it’s Bill O’Reilly from Fox ‘News’ cryptically explaining to the nation what liberals’ intentions really are and declaring victory for white supremacy, giving coverage to, gratis, of hitherto ignored and unimportant alt right psychopaths like Richard Spencer, to Trump’s tweets beating a war drum at China with little apparent alarm- the daily barrage of offenses goes on and on- it would seem that the media clearly has an agenda and a stake into making America into its own version of a uniquely American Reich. And anyone with knowledge of modern Russian history including modern times should be beware of collusion with a nation that is also corrupt, a dictatorship, and a nation that is probably just as racist now as prewar Germany was then. Make no mistake- Russia may be but a goose step away from swinging extreme right and its Communist totalitarian past does not refute that fact but rather confirms it. In the U.S., Mitch McConnell’s disinclination to set up a special committee to investigate Russian hacking, along with Trump’s selection of Exon’s Rex Tillerson, friend of Putin, as Secretary of State confirms the worse: the U.S. is seeking a close alliance with Russia.

When the President-Elect, the man who will certainly try to be a dictator, mouths off directly to the head of what was not long ago the most feared intelligence agency in the world, the CIA, we know with a shudder that a major shift has occurred in the security apparatus of the country. That should be terrifying to most people, but as in the days of the Weimar Republic, Americans are getting used to the racist NAZI’s like O’Reilly already and shrugging their shoulders. Paying the bills is the most important thing I suppose.

The difference between America and some racist and fascist nations though is overwhelming. Fortunately, there must be over one-hundred million Americans who simply will not tolerate this new oppressive government and will refuse to obey its laws. We Americans are a brave people. We do not cower and I am always inspired whenever I see our youth come out in overwhelming numbers to demonstrate for causes that are inevitably called ‘liberal,’ but are essentially fights for freedom and justice- a demand for the rights guaranteed us in our bold Constitution. We are passionate and we are not afraid. Personally, no matter how flawed the United States has been and no matter its long list of crimes of interference and war against other nation-states, but that has also been the beacon of hope and inspiration to billions around the world, I, as a citizen of this nation, will not tolerate or condone these lies, this high treason or any sort of tyranny these new reactionaries attempt to impose. Nothing short of Donald Trump’s impeachment and an indictment and trail against culpable members of this Congress will right the wrongs that have been done to us who love democracy and are willing to give our lives to protect it.

Barring such drastic measures, we the people, the people of Texas, the people of California, the people of New England and the Great Lakes- we will push for secession, revolution, and independence. It will not be an act of treason but the response of a nation of people who will refuse tyranny. If we cannot topple this quasi-republic and try the traitors who have set out to destroy our lives, we will pull the rug from under their feet and leave them with nothing to govern. A month before the hammer has even struck; this is the state of the union. And I do not think these demands of ours irrational or fruitless. They are what needs to be done. We have not come this far just to be ruled by a racist oligarchy that cares nothing other than themselves and their fortunes. We will defend democracy by any means necessary. Democracy itself trumps all and is more important than the nation named the United States, if as is fact now that nation become corrupt and evil.