The so-called ‘War against Terror’ is an ongoing war not against terrorism specifically but rather a means by tnou  which our Federal Government and its allies have abused their powers defined by the Constitution in order to expand and maintain hegemony in geopolitically strategic regions, and to further economically enrich powerful actors in specified parts of the world. Publicly, the war has not produced either riches or regional stability but appears to have shattered into an economically draining engagement in damage control; an inability to contain the conflagration that we ourselves have started at the expense of public welfare. At the same time, the war has been used by reactionary elements in our government to infringe upon constitutional rights and freedoms heretofore enjoyed as ‘inalienable rights’ by the citizens of the United States. Fundamental rights such as the Right of Habeas Corpus, protection against incarceration for debt, the right to a speedy and fair trail, and other rights guaranteed under the constitution have been clandestinely stripped away by the Patriot Act and other legislation and procedural plea bargaining to the point where the United States is now the world’s largest incarcerator of prisoners, both in real numbers and in percentiles disproportionately against people of color. In an ever-growing number of private, for profit prisons, It is a practice nothing short of harking back to the dark days of indentured servitude. Worse, it portends of forced labor camps of a nature that have precedence in Germany and the Soviet Union but not in the United States.

George W. Bush and those following have attempted inadequately to define the ‘enemy’ in the War on Terror to the American People, and struggle to address directly the enemy ‘out there,’ throwing out the name of a few terrorist organizations, but never succeeding in getting past the adjectives that merely describe the enemy’s intentions and motives. The answer to ‘who ‘ the enemy is exactly has never been answered. Was it Saddam Hussein, or perhaps Bin Laden? Or was it a group like Al Qaida, the Talban, or currently, ISIS? Perhaps it is Islam itself- has not that religion been implicated all along in this ‘War on Terror’ as one that is inevitably war-like in tenant, faith, and in its vows to destroy the U.S.? That Islam is the enemy of the West? Isn’t that what pundits and the media are telling us, every day? My contention is that if you are an American like me and are reading this, for many of you, the notion that Islam itself is our enemy may not even be disagreeable to you, despite the fact that we are a nation that protects Freedom to Worship- despite the fact that freedom of religion is enshrined in our First Amendment, and despite the fact that some of our most powerful allies are Muslim nations and despite the fact that many of embrace Muslims as our best friends and family. Friends, there is problem here in what we are being told; the left hand as it were seems to be blind as to what the right is doing. No one likes being duped in a military ruse, we shudder at the cost of innocent lives. But we were duped, and it is time that our country starts to right its wrongs, gives up unilateral war, and embarks on new policies of regional cooperation, stability and peace.

But it’s a lie. It’s a lie as long as we don’t restate our terms and clarify that this war is ‘A War on Islam,’ rather than ‘A War on Terror.’ If we as a people don’t publicly state our energy needs and rail at the greed of oil companies like Exon and illegal, war profiteering corporations like Halliburton.

A war against Islam is revolting, a return to Dark Ages and the start of new form of genocide. I doubt many Americans would support a ‘War on Islam,’ although it easy to support a ‘War on Terror.’ It is a vicious abuse of power when a government hypocritically claims to be fighting a war against the spectre, ‘Terror,’ when itself terrorizes its own citizens and has used ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that it possesses to murder, over the last 70 years, millions of ‘enemies’ abroad, verification of the danger they pose to the United States irrelevant.

It becomes clear and obvious that a nation is heading into violence and tyranny when a belligerent, erratic and inarticulate strong man runs for President and despite advocating genocide, public profanities, and espousing rage in general against just about every group imaginable besides himself, incredulously is handed the presidency with no real opponent in sight except us, the public. The one thing that Donald Trump has given to America is a divided nation like none we have seen since the Civil War. While others wring their hands in outrage, we see Trump’s significance clearly: we need to reinvent our nation, and we need to do it now. We cannot afford to wait, for if we have ever seen a time of peril in this great nation of ours, there can be no question that it is now. We must reinvent and redefine ourselves as a people, as patriots who love our country, and we must attempt at all costs to not intervene on our nation’s behalf by tearing it apart into independent states, but by rather going back to the very same beloved Constitution that has made our country great. We must show restraint in the face of a government that has none. However, let the powers that be know this: we will do anything to defend not only our constitutional, but also human rights for all. We will only be pushed too far before we are pushed into revolution and revolt.

But we will not abandon the same Constitution that Lincoln relied on in preserving our Union and ridding us of slavery, the same Constitution that Martin Luther King quoted again those words from the Constitution as universal rights and principles as they apply to all peoples and all classes equally. Those seeds we will continue to grow, tough like weeds in some spots, and luxuriantly lush in others. As we struggle today as a nation, the American Dream is an ever-changing one, entreating us to struggle, to be all we can be. Our Dream is not one with an end, the very definition of the character of the nation we love is that we are and always have been challengers, that to challenge is to live, and to face life knowing the greatest challenge is the one of peace. To our mind, the most traitorous and un-American act of all is to be a bully. And it fills us with outrage and shame to find that the traitors and biggest enemies of our nation do not even care about us. They are the very corporations that enrich themselves at the cost of our lives and the lives of people of foreign lands who hands we have not shook, who we have not worked together side by side with. They rob our tax dollars to build the weapons that kill and destroy lives and home. They take money from our schools and hospitals and deposit their profits in offshore bank accounts. They rob us and put us into debt. This War on Terror is not what it seems: it’s War on Humanity with no end in sight. And to the world, what we have become? The World’s Bully. And now perhaps the biggest bully we have ever seen in American politics is our president.

We insist upon an end to American hostilities abroad. We insist that our armaments industries be converted for better purposes, endeavors that benefit Americans, and by extension all of the World Family. We insist that we acknowledge that we are not a warlike nation; that our aspirations and collective dream is far from being so calloused, typical, and mundane. That we are not brutes- we are brothers and sisters. That it is not in our hearts to provide weapons but to ensure comfort and safety.